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Hello there 👋, I'm Raph and for 10 years I have been helping software, data, and operation teams by tearing down silos and instilling ownership within individuals. Ensuring habitual operation of these teams as a single unit with a common purpose.

My diverse and extensive technical experience; together with my empirical, data-driven project management exposure gives me a unique perspective on all aspects of software, data, and infrastructure engineering delivery. This enables me to strike a pragmatic balance of the tension between timely delivery, and technical quality and prowess.


Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of services I am able to provide and have provided to some of Australia's largest businesses and government departments. Send me an email if you would like to have a chat.

Technical Leadership

I provide technical leadership for software delivery teams in the form of architecture, design, automated quality assurance, technical debt alleviation, infrastructure automation, software engineering, and modern collaboration techniques.

Security Posture Reviews

My vertical organisational experience means I have developed a sharp insight across attack vectors in an organisation. I provide security posture reviews on an organisational level, platform level, and across individual applications or integrations within your business.

Architectural Reviews

My very first job in IT was as a software engineer, as such I am able to bring years of experience to provide your software delivery teams with an architecture review of your applications and how they integrate across your environment.

Corporate Coaching

Being both a hands-on engineer and having extensive exposure to C-Suite executives, I am able to provide coaching to all areas of businesses up and down the command chain. I can help with mapping revenue to value streams to enable leadership to understand and forecast cost associated with the incremental and iterative nature of IT and in particular software delivery.


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